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Roger Klietz
Living Arts College

As a working Interior Designer ... 

 founded Living Arts College almost 30 years ago. By the time the College was founded I had taken my education in art and design to a higher place having opened my own commercial imaging studio serving Fortune 500 clients. 

Today, I’m giving back some of my energy and good fortune. I would like to find and make possible a think-higher education for those who can demonstrate their passion for life’s work in Interior Design.

The idea is simple. Set aside tuition support funding for usual BA degree costs ... ask for samples displaying creativity and ask our incredible staff to assist those who want to turn passion into tuition support.

Your sample images will reward you with generous FOUNDER’S 2018 TUITION support funding ... an affordable studio level education in INTERIOR DESIGN

Phone 919.488.8504 for help & sending your  samples to: 

SEND SAMPLES of your creativity - images, music, poetry, sketches, and be rewarded!

Living Arts College

Our Founder wants you to be able to afford  a studio level education at the school that's dedicated to creating the Creativity Professionals. If Interior Design is your passion, submit your creative samples as part of the usual application process for Interior Design BA Degree. Those beginning study in 2018 will receive a significant $25,000  tuition support funding  applied to their third calendar year of study!

1. Tuition support is for uninterrupted, continuous study beginning 2018.

2. Financial assistance available is for those that qualify.

3. A sampling of creative work must be submitted to initiate participation in the tuition support.  A Guided Interview on campus or, Skype interview  must take place as part of the application process.

4. Samples (3 or more) are to be emailed to: mywork@living-arts-college.edu 
along with your name and exact contact details.

5. There is no cash value.  Tuition support may be discontinued.